The brother of Wladimir Klitschko, Vitali, who is retired, is threatening to make a U-turn for Anthony Joshua’s fight. The Briton stopped Wladimir in the eleventh round in April. The loss forced the revered Ukrainian boxer to retire instead of fighting an eagerly anticipated rematch.

Vitali reportedly wants to avenge his brother’s loss by returning from retirement to fight AJ. The 46-year old has been into politics and has not fought since 2012. Despite his sojourn in politics, he has always made out time to support his former champ brother. He was at his brother’s corner when AJ defeated him.

“I miss boxing very much. Boxing will always stay in my heart my whole life. A fight against Joshua is my best wish. I have a feeling I can do it better, I have to fight Joshua and bring back the belt to the family.

“Wladimir was for a long time the best heavyweight in the world. Joshua stopped him and this means he is the best one. But that was just a lucky fight, a lucky day for Joshua,” Vitali was reported to have said on FightHubTV.

AJ stopped Wladimir in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley. If Vitali truly decides to fight AJ at the same venue, based on his status and the context of the fight, it would be a major money spinner.

Wladimir is the first person to floor Joshua in his pro career. Vitali hinted that he told his brother to take things easy after he floored Joshua in the sixth round.

“I expect a big muscled athlete to not recover, I was surprised, Joshua recovered so fast and stopped Wladimir. If I didn’t tell him to stop, then Wladimir might have knocked him out, six or maybe round number seven.”

Jake Studies Mike Perry’s Style

Jake Ellenberger is a veteran fighter in the UFC welterweight category.

He was present to watch the fight between Alan Jouban and Mike Perry that took place at UFC and was broadcasted on Fox 22. He gained some vital insights which will hopefully help him to fight his upcoming bouts as he understood the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters. He studied the style of fighting of Perry, who lost out in the game. He stated that there is a blueprint by which any fight can be won. He himself has a score status of 31-12 in MMA and 10-8 in the UFC. Following the bout helped him understand how Jouban played which helped him win the fight.

Following both players closely, he understood that Perry has a straightforward style that is not easy as he has won in eight fights that had formidable opponents. Read more »


The fight between Jake Ellenberger (31-12 MMA, 10-8 UFC) and Jorge Masvidal (31-11 MMA, 8-4 UFC) took a dramatic turn when Ellenberger mistakenly got his foot trapped in the fence of the cage.

Masvidal saw the opening and quickly delivered a TKO in the first round.

The event, which took place on 4 December at Pearl at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, was the main highlight of the day’s TUF 24 Finale event, considering the unusual way the fight ended.

The contest was called at the 4:05 mark of the opening frame, and the combatant had quite a fuss about the possibility of a win given the circumstance. Even the well-experienced referee Herb Dean was uncertain of the decision to take, and had to call time out to ask if there could be another possible outcome given the circumstance of the win. Unfortunately, there was no provision for the sort of incident in the rules, and Masvidal was declared the victor.

After the fight a dazzled Ellenberger stood in the octagon to recount the incident and voice out his thoughts about the unlucky fight. Read more »


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Josh Koscheck to fight Erick Silva in UFC Fight Night 62

Benson Henderson will not at all be pleased to know that it is Josh Koscheck and not him who will be fighting Erick Silva in UFC Fight Night 62 which is scheduled t be held in Rio de Janeiro in the month of March. It was reported on Sunday, 8th March. No Formal announcement in this regard has been made by UFC yet. Originally Ben Saunders was supposed to fight Erick Silva but he can’t fight that match on account of injury. The venue of UFC Fight Night 62 is Maracanazinho Gym which is located in Rio de Janeiro.

Josh Koscheck participated in UFC 184 which was held on Saturday, 28th February this year at the staples Centre which is located in Los Angeles. There he had fight Jake Ellenberger and in the second round of the match between him and Ellenberger, Koscheck was choked out by his opponent. It was the fourth consecutive loss of Koscheck. Koscheck hasn’t won a match in three years now. The last time Koscheck managed to secure a victory was in UFC 143 which was held in 2012 in the month of February where he had to fight Mike Pierce. Koscheck won by Decision but indeed by a very small margin. Read more »